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"Critical Risk Assessment"

Risk Topics Arranged By Risk Level

Economic and Financial Risks

Current Economic/Finance Risk Assessment and Articles

Economic/Finance Risk Assessment

[Current Update]
A key observation lies within the comment: "including reducing U.S. dependence on overseas capital" can be found in the full text of a Bloomberg article linked below.

What this comment is implying is that the US cannot continue to rely on foreign nations such as China and Japan to purchase US debt. Further implication is in order for the US to avoid a economic disaster much broader than currently experienced a source must be found.

OK, so the US needs to find a new source of funding it's debt. "Alas" and "Oh My" how convenient is the emergence of the IMF's SDR [Special Drawing Rights] program as a major candidate for the role of replacing the dollar as the global reserve currency [over time].

I'm inclined to wager a sum that the IMF will in the year 2010 or sooner - begin buying US debt using their newly accepted and expanded version of their SDR as an interim role in global finances. That is however, until such time that a more - how should I say - official global currency is introduced.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
On Sunday September 27, 2009, 9:53 pm EDT - BEIJING (AP) -- Beijing sold government bonds denominated in the mainland's yuan for the first time Monday in Hong Kong, adding to gradual moves to expand the international use of its tightly controlled currency. In order for China to rival the US in a currency battle for global dominance, it must expand it's horizons. Just another dot to connect in the trend away from the buck.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
On sept. 12th, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered by edict the replacement of the US dollar by the euro in the country’s foreign exchange accounts. The primary intent is to detach itself from the dollar in all of the country’s oil transactions. Iran has called on other OPEC members to ditch the sinking dollar in favor of the more credible euro.
I can't over state my concern regarding this evolving trend. It will simply be catastrophic to our nation as a global power. It's the real beginning of the end.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
Japan has new leadership after 50 years of the same party. Time for a paradigm shift. Even before the election the new boys on the block claimed they would refuse to purchase any more U.S. treasuries unless they were dominated in Japanese yen. Doing so in a real world would present a very ominous indicator for the dollar. Stay tuned and or read the full article below.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
HSBC stands for Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. It is the fifth largest company across the globe. With it's headquarters in the HSBC Tower on London's Canary Wharf and having been established in 1865, one should listen carefully to it's prognostications. When HSBC claim's in a recent report that the globe is bidding farewell to the dollar's supremacy, I would suggest we pay attention.

[Unchanged Update]
Four major developments in gold have appeared recently. All four seem to forecast a bullish [upward trend] market for gold and of course silver. That is the really great news for the gold bugs. The counter of course is that the world is sensing a continued down trend in the dollar, as well as a trend toward high inflation.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
The biggest and most secretive gathering of ships in maritime history. The 'ghost fleet' near Singapore. The world's ship owners and government economists would prefer you not to see this symbol of the depths of the plague still crippling the world's economies. The single purpose of this Critical Risk Assessment feature is to make sure you understand the current level of threat / risk. The globe economies are grinding to a halt. By January or earlier the vast majority of citizens on the globe will understand it. Get ready.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
Back to the issue of China authorizing their state-owned enterprises to default on their commodity derivative contracts. It may be that their ploy is to hit wall street with a shotgun blast and not the US Treasury. Here are two possible or perhaps collateral outcomes if they do walk away:
First, by walking away from contracts on a very small percentage of a very large pie, the result could result in being a triggering event. Overnight a panic could emerge for those involved in derivatives in general to flee for their lives, as they recognize the approaching tsunami of derivative sell-offs. The phase of the derivative debacle could result in the collapse of perhaps trillions of dollars worth of worthless, toxic derivatives on a global level.

Second, the boys in Washington could say - "Ok we'll trump you and default one or two trillion dollars of US debt we owe you guys". Now what do you suppose China would do in return? See how fast this thing could escalate into a full blown global catastrophe?

Personally, I do not think China will default. These boys aren't stupid, they just love to play chess.
If I'm wrong, well I just hope you are ready.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
The U.S. Dollar Index, a measured relationship against a basket of six of the world's currencies, has plunged 15.1 percent from March 4th 09 till now.
Central banks over the last year have been actively replacing portions of their dollar reserves with the euro, the Canadian and Australian dollars ... and gold. As mentioned in an earlier report, China has been quietly increasing it's gold reserves and recently encouraged it's people to buy gold and silver as investments.
I hope from the reports you have grasped the trend that the world is accelerating it's withdrawal from a symbiotic relationship with the US dollar. I regard this as a very ominous trend and you should be taking measures to protect your financial well-being.

[unchanged update]
As indicated by the latest article posted below, those in the know are unloading their equities en masse. This is an additional indicator that things are about to go bad in the equities market and or the equities market will turn bad as a result of one or more triggers which could initiate cascading chaos in multiple quarters.
Read more here

[unchanged update]
As we slowly emerge on the back side of the sub prime debacle we are about to enter a second phase of the housing collapse. The mechanism this time is mortgages referred to as Alt-A and Option Arms. These unlike sub prime are more expensive properties than those involved with sub prime. The buyers are/were more credit worthy. A further sour note is that there was roughly one trillion sub prime mortgages involved in phase one. Phase two involves somewhere around 1.8 trillion dollars in mortgages resetting from 2009 - 2011ish. Even darker is the fact that even before the interest rates reset, these mortgages are being defaulted on in record numbers. Just consider what is about to happen when the massive numbers or resetting start in late 2009.

As the consumer economy slowly withers and dies, the effects on commercial mortgages can only be catastrophic. With no sales, or at least insufficient sales, retail companies from tiny to huge will/are suffering enormous losses. A tidal wave of bankruptcies in the retail market will strike a death blow to the commercial retail property market. Mortgage defaults will rule the day and this phase in economic downturn is yet to gather speed in it's cascading descent.

To understand the significance of the consumer market over the past decade and it's collapse, I highly recommend you review an article I penned in July of 08. It continues to be a very broad brush article which will help many readers wrap their arms around our current economic and financial troubles. It serves well as a risk assessment tutorial.
Read "Is Your Good-Life At Risk?"

Economic/Finance Related Articles Note: we've started to integrate the article links with the updates.

The Dollar Collapses Commodities, stocks and foreign currencies all rise as investors sell dollars. Perhaps the final descent has begun.
Read more here

Currency Crash Possible
"The dollar will weaken and the U.S. risks seeing a crash of the currency unless it does more to control the deficit and reduce debt, said New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the financial crisis.

Roubini went on to claim, that if the markets were to believe that the US would take the INFLATION path, then a devaluation of the buck would have to occur. I would suggest that the actions of the US Fed Res Bank as well as the US Treasury clearly indicate the inflation model has been chosen. Hence a devaluation is baked in the cake.
Read more here

Credit Driven Economy in Collapse"
As iterated by George Ure's today, the US consumer slowing his spending spree. Since we are a credit driven, consumer driven economy, where then are we headed when during June and July of this year consumer debt decreased by 7.40%, -10.40% respectively. This is merely another strong signal that the media is feeding our people yuckie stuff.
Read more here, of the Fed Reserve report.

Possible October Surprises
For several months now, all sports of rumors regarding October problems have floated about the web. Being aware of possibilities can save your butt. Here are a few.
Read more here

China pushes silver and gold investment to the masses
A report suggests that the Chinese government is pushing the general public into buying gold and silver bullion, which could have a dramatic effect on the markets. It also represents another warning to keep in mind.
Read more here

UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
The dollar should be replaced with a global currency, the United Nations has said, proposing the biggest overhaul of the world's monetary system since the Second World War.
Read article here

Chinese sovereign wealth fund dumping dollars for strategic investments like gold and corporations [hard assets]
Another trigger warning as reports suggest that China's main sovereign wealth fund and other state entities are under pressure to invest in strategic Western assets as the country tries to offload its dollars for firmer-based wealth including gold and oil.
Read more here

What we are witnessing may be the greatest destruction of financial wealth that the world has ever seen --
You know you're in a heap of trouble when the lender of last resort suddenly runs out of money. Having pumped $100 billion into the banking system and lent $115 billion more to rescue Bear Stearns and AIG, the Federal Reserve was forced to ask the Treasury yesterday to borrow some extra money to replenish its coffers.

Health Related Risks

Current Flu / Pandemic Risk Assessment and Articles

Swine Flu [H1N1] Risk Assessment

[Current Update] US Government Suspended Limits on The Amount of Mercury in H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
Health care professionals trend to reject the Swine flu shot.
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
An so it begins, the bracelets have started. Boston has begun a trial of including bracelets on the wrists of flu shot recipients. So the rumors may have some authenticity. Not good...big brother looms closer
Read more here

[Unchanged Update]
Several alarming issues are emerging:
1) In the Middle East it appears there are several cases where H5N1 and H1N1 were active in one host and that host passed both viruses to a second host. Since H5N1 does not pass from host to host with ease, yet it did, it appears the H5N1 has found a novel way to piggy back with the H1N1 from host to host. If true this could be the beginning of the worse case scenario.

2) The Center for Disease Control [CDC] is not diagnosing H1N1 within a patient unless there is a fever. Several school children's deaths [with no fever hence no H1N1] have presented during autopsy damaged lung tissue of the same sort as the more viral version of the H1N1. What's wrong with this picture. Again very alarming indeed.

3) Reports are filtering out that lung tissue of victims of the H1N1 virus look very much like the lung tissue of H5N1 victims. No one has come up with a viable explanation as yet. Or at least not publicly. Once again this is very ominous. We are lead to believe that the lung damage from H1N1 is not caused by a Cytokine Storm as in the H5N1 [Bird flu], yet the appearance is the same. What's up? Read more here

[unchanged update]
While the Swine flu [H1N1] continues to be spreading with remarkable ease within the human population, there continues to be little change in it's very low mortality rate to those infected. It is very important to note though, those who are infected stand a significant chance to experience a very lethal and agonizing version of the flu, whereby the lung tissue is rapidly destroyed and the patient basically loses ability to absorb oxygen as he experiences an agonizing death. Continued vigilance is recommended regarding the ongoing probability that various levels of genetic changes can take place leading to a much higher rate of mortality. Continue to monitor daily.

The Bird Flu [H5N1] continues to be exceptionally lethal to those infected, yet it maintains a very poor ability to be transmitted with ease within the human population. Various levels of genetic changes can take place leading to a much higher rate of transmission within the human population. Continue to monitor daily.

There are two aspects of a flu pandemic that essentially define whether or not mass casualties will occur.

First: Toxic load is the level of the virus within the patient. It is a factor of whether or not the virus can [replicate] quickly or not. Quickly can lead to a rapid escalation in the toxic load which can easily lead to a fatality.

Secondly: Does the virus spread Human to Human [HTH] with ease? If it does as in the H1N1 then many humans will be infected.

Essentially, both Rapid Replication and HTH with ease must be present to create massive loss of life. Presently this is not the case within the H1N1 pandemic, nor the H5N1. However, in an instant that can change and within days a horrible new version of the virus can spread around the globe.

Watch this site daily especially the H1N1 and the H5N1 trends, so as to have an early heads up if the worst case scenario takes place.

Flu Related Articles In order to be more crisp in our Criticl Risk Assessments, we're phasing in the reading "Read more here" links to the Update section.

Current Food Related Risk Assessment and Articles

Food Risk Assessment

Current Update
There are a few truisms - we can last 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and perhaps as little as 3 weeks in some cases without food. There is no way around it, our bodies need food to acquire nutrients etc.. It appears we are entering a phase where the probability of widespread famine is a real risk. Unlike the past where third world nations suffered massive famines, this time around few of us will be exempt. The indicators are becoming stronger each week and food shortages may soon be on top of the risk level assessment.

There continues to be a buildup in risks related to severe food shortages. These shortages are emerging presently and are expected to intensify during the next 18 months or so. The causation includes blight as a result of fungus [grass, wheat etc.], and all manner of climate changes.

This risk has been discussed within the crop farming industry worldwide over the past several years. When farmers get scared so should you and I. You need to store food supplies for a minimum of a 6 months as well as to prepare to grow some or all of your vegetable needs. Food shortages remains somewhat in the back ground, yet the risk is high and can explode onto the mainstream media very rapidly

In recent years on a global level we have witnessed a severe die-off of bugs such as Honey Bees and Ladylugs which are essential in the process of pollination of certain vital crops. As the global farming industry struggles with the pollination issue, each year brings a higher level of risk regarding crop failures as a result of poor pollination.

Food Related Articles
Wheat in Trouble Questions of whether old reliable wheat varieties are losing their resistance to common diseases continue to pop up as growers in the upper Southeast begin getting ready for wheat planting. Is wheat losing it's disease resistance?

War and Terrorism

War and Terrorism Risk Assessment and Articles

War and Terrorism Risk Assessment

Current Update
Well ths is the second in a recent series of questionable deaths of very learned scientists:
A US-based Iranian doctor working to discover an antitoxin therapy for biological weapons has purportedly died a "suspicious death."
Read more here

Current Update
"Iran test-fires long-range missiles:
Days before a key meeting with Western leaders, Iran test-fired two types of long-range missiles Monday in part of what the Islamic republic called routine military exercises, its state-run media reported."
Seems like things are in a continued ramping up mode. Not a good feeling - is it?
Read more here

Unchanged Update
International Atomic Energy Agency - Iran can make a NUKE - Now:
As rumors go back and forth about Iran and the BOMB, suddenly this info from an international org who's mission is to monitor nuclear proliferation on a global level - well daaah! Does this change the whole darn picture? Does this tacitly give Israel the go ahead in their plan to stop Iran? I think it may, especially if the talks soon to start regarding same end with another failed attempt at reigning in Iran. See article below.

Unchanged Update
I learned today that Iran's Ahmadinejad chose a wanted man for the cabinet position of defence minister who is on the run. Seems that his new defense minister is wanted by Interpol for 1994 bombing of Jewish centre in Argentina. Four other Ahmadinejad appointees have been associated with the Republican Guard's terrorist activities.

In addition, the Ahmadinejad regime has made it clear that they will move forward with haste to become a nuclear power. This is not good, as Israel will not stand by and allow Iran to become a nuclear threat.

I'm considering ratcheting up War & Terrorism to a much higher level of risk. Keep a vigilance on these reports.

[unchanged update]
There are continued predictions by credible Internet sources that Israel will launch an attack on Iran in the fall of 09.

The highest ranking Pakistani nuclear scientist has openly claimed his assistance with Iran regarding their mission to join the nuclear family.

At the end of the day I suspect Iran and Israel will go at it, but for now my estimation is we are in middle afternoon and have hours to go.

North Korea once again shows signs of launching nuclear capable missiles in a test mode.

High ranking US officials are now claiming that we need to remain in Afganistan much longer than expected.

It's been obvious for some years now that our tiny little planet has been standing close to the edge. Nuclear proliferation has been on the rise for years now and sooner of later someone will probably mess up and things could get ugly fast.

War & Terrorism Related Articles

AP NewsBreak: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb
VIENNA (AP) - Experts at the world's top atomic watchdog are in agreement that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on the way to developing a missile system able to carry an atomic warhead, according to a secret report seen by The Associated Press.
Read more here

Pakistani Scientist Cites Help to Iran
The creator of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program boasted in a recent television interview that he and other senior Pakistani officials, eager to see Iran develop nuclear weapons, years ago guided that country to a proven network of suppliers and helped advance its covert efforts.
Read more here

Global Energy Crisis

Energy Risk Assessment and Articles

Energy Risk Assessment

[Current Update]
As one would expect, announcements of new oil fields being discovered are typically laden with distorted truths. Words are cleverly chosen to make it appear that a crisis in crude oil reserves is being mitigated. They fail to mention that as new fields are found they don't match up with the rate of decline of existing resources. We're still heading head-long into a massive crisis. For example, it have been observed that Mexico's largest oil field my be dry within six months. Nor do they point out that the new fields are typically in deep, deep water where is very costly to extract crude and are subject to the ravages of hurricanes.

[unchanged update]
The days of cheap oil are gone forever. What we will see is an ever increasing cost of crude oil and hence any product produced with crude oil. Here are a few reasons why cheap crude is gone and very expensive crude is arriving.

  • Presently the supply of crude oil is diminishing by 4 million barrels a day.
  • Discovery of new oil fields have nearly vanished.
  • There is not a real lack of crude today, there is less and less oil which is easy to extract from the ground.
  • The quality of the crude oil reserves within the ground is rapidly deteriorating. The result is ever increasing costs to process the crude. The oil industry refers to good oil as sweet oil and bad oil as sour oil which is high in sulfur.
  • Many, many oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico are being capped off as I write this assessment. Why, because climate change is forecasting more and more severe hurricanes in the region. Hurricanes like to destroy deep water oil rigs and with horrendous losses to the owners.
  • Oil producing countries around the globe are experiencing rapid increases in their own demand and will reduce exporting over time.
  • Very important oil producing regions as in Mexico are rapidly declining in their oil production as the end of their oil fields approach.
These issues first emerged as we approached the Peak Oil curve. As we descend down the back side of the peak oil curve these issues will rapidly intensify. The result will be vastly higher crude oil prices and all items related to oil. Your planning should include ways to reduce your need for oil related products. Not doing so will put you at great risk for not being able to afford oil related products.

Additional risks lurk within the area of the Strait of Hormuz, where the Persian Gulf meets the Gulf of Oman adjacent to Iran. Most of the crude oil produced daily travels through the Strait of Hormuz on it way to ports around the world. In the event of a sudden war between Iran and whom ever, Iran has made it very clear that they will sabotage the Strait of Hormuz and make it impassable for the oil tankers to travel through. If this ever happens, one can be sure the cost of crude will over night rise to several hundred dollars as supplies vanish. Therefore if a strong indicator occurs that war with Iran is imminent, take immediate action to protect your interest especially regarding fuel for home and transportation. To be secure storing fuel is recommended.

Energy Related Articles
Why $200 Oil Is Just Around the Corner
Jeff Rubin believes that oil prices are going to escalate much higher. In his book Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller, Rubin foretells $200 oil and a vastly transformed global economic picture coming into focus very soon.
Read more here

Venezuela to Boost Crude Oil Exports to China by 25%
Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter, will boost crude shipments to China by 25 percent in 2009 to benefit from rising energy demand in the fastest- growing major economy, President Hugo Chavez said.
Bloomberg Article Here

Here comes $500 oil
That the spike in oil prices earlier this year wasn't a temporary market anomaly and the recent retreat in prices is just a misleading calm before a calamitous storm? That we're headed toward $500-a-barrel oil?
Fortune Magazine Article Here

Implications of a Ten Day Refinery Outage
Where is our gasoline and diesel supply headed? Even before Ike hit, quite a few areas of the US were starting to see gasoline shortages. The impact of Ike can only make shortages worse. Most likely, it will take refineries at least a week or two to get production back to normal levels after a storm of this type, considering the impacts of electrical outages and flooding. In this article, I will examine some of the issues that seem to be involved. Based on my analysis, fuel supply shortages are likely to last well into October, and are likely to get considerably worse before they get better.
The Oil Drum Article Here

Charlie Maxwell to Barron's: $300 Oil is Inevitable
According to a Monday, September 8 Barron's article titled "What $300-a-Barrel Oil Will Mean for You", Charles (Charlie) Maxwell, Senior Energy Analyst at Weeden & Co., thinks $300 oil is "inevitable."

With three or four new Saudi oil fields coming on line soon, Charlie thinks supply and demand are roughly in balance for the next two years. Charlie predicts oil prices between $75 and $115 for awhile. After that, he sees prices soaring again.
Full Article Here

>> Ending Our Oil Addiction: Reality check

Global Governance

Global Governance Risk Assessment and Articles

Global Governance Risk Assessment

[Current Update] As indicated in the economic picture, a global economic trend is shifting into high gear. Note this headline from Reuters: "New world economic order takes shape at G20". Make no mistake, life as we have known it will change radically if/when the global elite openly take charge. As interwoven pledges between G20 nations becomes a defacto reality, sovereign autonomy will be given up to a community of economic decision makers whom demonstrate one objective - centralized power.

[Unchanged Update]
One step closer to the CHIP. Oh sure, what a great idea. Plant a chip to monitor virus spread in thd population. Of course no other uses would be pigybacking the chip - right? Yaaah man, great idea.

[Unchanged Update]
There is little or no significant current risks. This could change very rapidly, so monitor this risk daily. If for instance there is a call for mandatory vaccination against the Swine flu, risk would jump significantly.

Global Governance Related Articles

VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win
(Reuters) - Shares of VeriChip Corp (CHIP.O) tripled after the company said it had been granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans.
Read more here

UN chief calls for 'global leadership'
UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday stressed the need for "global leadership" as he pressed world leaders not to pursue narrow national interests in the face of hard economic times.

New Wall Street crisis will create a new financial world order, says RCM CIO
As the sell-off in global markets continues, RCM's CIO for Europe Neil Dwane believes the aftermath of Monday's events will lead to the formation of a 'new world order', in which the remaining financial giants will flourish.
CityWire.co.uk Article Here

Toward a North American Union
The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union. There is no legislation or Congressional oversight, much less public support, for this massive restructuring of the U.S. It's primary perpetrators are mostly members of the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 to foster a "New International Economic Order."
Full article Here

How to understand Globalization

What is Globalization? It is the collective effect of purposeful and amoral manipulation that seeks to centralize economic, political, technological and societal forces in order to accrue maximum profit and political power to global banks, global corporations and the elitists who run them.
Full Article Here

>> Food Irradiation: Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

Natural Calamities

Natural Calamity Risk Assessment and Articles

Natural Calamity Risk Assessment

[Current Update]
There is little or no significant risk issues. This could change very rapidly, so monitor this risk daily.

Natural Calamity Articles

Sun's Wind Is Lowest Ever Recorded
A wind of charged particles that stream constantly from the sun is at its lowest level ever recorded in the 50 years since spacecraft have made the measurement possible. The Ulysses spacecraft observed the weak solar winds, the constant, high-speed stream of particles that races from the sun, during a quiet period in the sun's activity. The solar weather cycle affects Earth and other planets in the solar system.
Live Science Article Here

>> Death by Volcano
>> Unique fossil discovery shows Antarctic was once much warmer
>> Tunguska Catastrophe: Evidence Of Acid Rain Supports Meteorite Theory
>> All seven glaciers on California´s Mount Shasta are growing.
>> Melting Arctic ice could spur inland warming: study

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